Before going to an English-speaking country to study or work every person has to take IELTS (similar tests are sometimes acceptable). Therefore, preparation for this test will be one of the main steps in your immigration process. Usually, only two types of people can do well on this test without tutoring: experienced teachers native speakers.
Others, most likely, will need extra help from tutors, who specialize in IELTS. By studying hard and attending your classes you will be able to improve your skills and pass the test with 6.5+. That’s the minimum score you will need to get a Work or Study Permit in Canada. Note that some colleges do accept IELTS 6.0+, but 6.5+ is more common.

Why do you need IELTS?

The main goal of taking IELTS (preparation for which is held in our centre) is to get a Work or a Study Permit, a document required for University or college applications or for employment. It is not just used in Canada, but also in the USA, Australia, Great Britain and other countries with high immigration rates. Besides improving your immigration prospects, a good IELTS score is also important required when:

  • people apply for jobs in international business sectors/companies;
  • teachers and translators – as proof of their skills;
  • international students – as a replacement of the final English language exam that Canadian students take (equivalent to high school level English).

What’s also interesting is that some people take IELTS tutoring not to learn English, but to prove that they already know it. In some cases, it might be the main requirement for career development in different companies due to the fact that English is still widely spoken all over the world and is necessary for Senior and Middle Management. Whatever your motivation may be, IELTS courses will yield ample dividends.


Even though, your home country may not ba an English speaking one, there would definitely be international corporations as well as a general integration of Western lifestyle and products into the existing traditions. As the two become more and more interlaced, we start to need the English language more and more often. That is why knowing foreign languages, especially English, is one of the main requirements for employment in our increasingly global economy. That is where an IELTS certificate can do a lot for your future. The higher your IELTS score is, the more likely you are to get a job in an international sector. So, even if you are not planning to move to a different country, taking IELTS will still benefit you in many ways.

What if you decide not to take IELTS?

Sometimes you don’t get the score that you’ve expected, or your trip has been canceled and now you don’t need to write the test. Anything can happen, and there is always an option to skip the test. Does it mean that you’ve wasted your time? Not really, because IELTS preparation will give you experience, skills and knowledge, which will help you to communicate in English fluently, which will differentiate you from the people who never took such classes. You might need English in your daily life, at work or if you are taking a trip abroad, so there will be no waste even if you end up never taking the IELTS exam.

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Exam Structure

IELTS courses will prepare you for the exact structure of the IELTS exam. There is a lot on the test, and if you don’t know what to expect of IELTS you will be overwhelmed, which can damage your chances on the test. Also, if you don’t know the structure, your preparation process will be less effective overall.

IELTS includes:

Listening Part: The examinee has to listen to phrases in English and answer the questions connected to the audio. This block consists of 40 questions, and is divided into four parts.

Reading Part: You have to read and analyze the texts and answer the questions connected to them. There are five passages, three of which are actually quite easy for anyone with an intermediate level and they are tiny, forth one is a bit harder (Upper Intermediate), and the last one is the toughest one (Advanced).

Writing Part: This part consists of two blocks
1) describing graphs, pie charts and/or pictures;
2) an essay on a topic given to you.

Speaking Part: A dialogue with an examiner where you have to answer all of the questions being asked.

The hardest part of IELTS is the preparation, which is the focus of our courses. Taking into account the fact that you have very little time to complete all parts of the test, it is understandable why people often feel overwhelmed during the test. This is why IELTS preparation is so important. If you know what to expect and how to handle each type of tasks, you will be able to do your best when time comes.

What else can IELTS courses prepare you for?

You should know that there are two types of the test: Academic and General. The structure is the same, while the level of difficulty if somewhat different. You should pick one that is most appropriate for your plans in Canada. You should definitely let your tutor know what type of IELTS you would like to prepare for, because it will affect the intensity, complexity and length of your course. Which IELTS do you need?

      • if you plan to study at a Canadian pots-secondary institution, whether it’s a college or university, work in a managerial position or work with people a lot (like medical staff, for example), you will need IELTS Academic;
      • if you plan to for at an entrance/low skilled job, get a promotion in your home country, or leave your country for any reason, IELTS General should be sufficient.

If you have a specific goal when it comes to your IELTS results, you will need IELTS specific classes, not just a regular English course. IELTS program has been specially designed to teach you to complete IELTS tasks and includes a lot of tips and tricks that won’t be included in a standard language course.

Getting ready to take IELTS

Obviously, IELTS is not a regular English language test. It requires extensive knowledge that you can only get from tutors who specialize in IELTS. Unlike other courses IELTS preparation will include:

      • studying the structure of the test and the nuances of the questions that you might have to answer;
      • developing specific skills – listening, reading, writing, speaking;
      • advanced learning of English grammar, which includes both simple and complex constructions;
      • practice test for each part of IELTS in conditions that most resemble what you will go through during the real test;
      • revision of your practice tests to identify your mistakes and reinforcement of the right answers.
      • online classes with a certified IELTS instructor.

We fully understand the importance of language tests at this level and that is why our IELTS preparation program has been developed with extreme care and is based on real experience.


IELTS is not the only internationally recognized English test that can allow you to apply to english-speaking colleges and universities. More so, its format can be overwhelming for some. That is why our company also provides TOEFL tutoring. TOEFL is a great alternative to IELTS, the only difference is that it was developed by the US and is therefore a more “American” exam. This exam includes 140 questions that you have to give a written answer to within 2 hours. The results will be analyzed through a computer program, so that there will be no bias.
Yet, despite the difference in format, you will still have to take time to prepare for TOEFL specifically. Just as IELTS, TOEFL has its rules. We recommend that you spend at least some time with a tutor who knows the ins and outs of TOEFL, so that you can get the best grade possible.


IELTS tutoring with MarcusEducate

Why should you prepare for IELTS with us? It’s simple. At Marcus Educate you will get exactly the advice and tutoring that you will need to pass the exam of your choice. Our tutors are specialists in this area and they have a lot of experience getting students ready for their tests.

IELTS group courses

Small classes allow for the most effective interaction between the teacher and the student. We make a point of speaking only in English during the class, therefore students get completely immersed in the language. There classes also include discussion of the test and fixing common mistakes.

Individual IELTS classes

If you want to solidify your knowledge and skills, or if you want to study harder and faster, our teachers can work with you individually and help you with your IELTS preparation one-on-one. If you have a busy schedule, we will do our best to accommodate.


All of our employees in charge of IELTS classes (Kyiv) have a lot of experience not only in teaching English, but also in writing this test. That is why they definitely know what to expect and what students should do in order to do well.

Our goal is to teach

Of course, all of our clients successfully pass IELTS, even if it takes some time to get there, but our goal is not just to allow you to get a good grade on the test, but to truly make English your second language and get you to the point where you feel completely comfortable using it. It is because of this passion that our courses are so effective. Our approach is different:

  • The harder the better! Grammar is usually the hardest part for your students, that is why our IELTS tutoring focuses a lot more on grammar than on anything else. Our program includes everything from building an extensive vocabulary to complex grammatical structures. After that you might find it easier to write IELTS essays in English than in your native language!
  • You have to do it well to succeed. Our courses focus on teaching you to write, speak and apply rules correctly when it matters the most. There is a time and place for free speaking practice where you are encouraged to speak even if you are making a lot of mistakes, but that place isn’t IELTS.
  • Structures approach is the key. We structure your IELTS preparation based on your existing knowledge. We won’t waste time teaching you the alphabet if you are already up there in term of English skills, but we are happy to start from scratch if that is what your situation requires.

We guarantee that if you take IELTS preparation with us you will achieve the desired grade. Email us if you would like to learn more or to sign up for a class.

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