• An expert Canadian educational and immigration agency. We help students of any age to enrol into Canadian colleges and universities.
  • Expert in the area of Canadian education system – from high school to PhD. Marcus will be your individual advisor who will help to find the perfect fit for your goals and budget.
  • Your partner on all the steps of your enrolment. Moreover, our support does not only help you get your diploma, but we also offer you our help and guidance throughout the whole immigration process, all the way to getting your Canadian citizenship.
  • Immigration consulting firm that will help you find an immigration path that will allow you to eventually become a Canadian citizen


Official representative of Canadian schools, colleges and universities.

What We Offer You:

1. Help in selecting the right program and school

We help you choose your educational path, considering your interests, as well as requirements of the job market. Our goal is to not only help you choose the right school, but we also want to make sure that your diploma will be beneficial for your future career.
We offer only schools, colleges or universities that are relevant to your interests, are approved by the government and have a really good reputation.

2. Help you throughout the whole process of your enrolment

As we begin our work together we present you a complete plan of you application. We also take on all stages of communication with the school, Canadian embassy, insurance company, hotels, residence or homestay.
3. Prepare your documents for the Canadian embassy
We are a licensed member of the The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, licence number R 514071.
We help people to get visas, study permits, work permits in Canada and other immigration related documents.

4. Offer you consultations and support

We provide you with support throughout the whole educational process – before you begin your studies, and until you finish them.
We constantly look for new programs and learn about them, their educational strategies, as well as find professions that are relevant and are in demand in the job market today.

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Our goal is to help you finish your studies, which will help you build a foundation of your future career. We want to provide you with the ability to reach your potential and help you to achieve your goals.

The programs which we will recommend to you (a college diploma, a bachelor or master degree, post-graduate diploma or language courses) are there to give you the necessary experience for your future work. This practical education will be valued in any country.
Our company offers you a professional service where we analyze your chances for successful enrolment to international universities, as well as qualification consultations during all the steps: from when you decide to stay and study in Canada until you fully adapt to the country. This way, you will receive all the answers to your questions. We will offer you help choosing of the right program from the 150+ that are available. Our company is surely able to provide you professional advice, as well as individual and specialized support for every client.
If you have any questions, or you have any doubts/concerts about education in Canada, or if you just wish to ask us for help with your programs, please reach out to us. We will gladly answer all of your questions.


1) We are able to present and support your interests to the governmental bodies and agencies of Canada, including with regard to immigration. We are a licensed company that is able to meet all your immigration needs — R514071.

2) We are experts in the area of academic consulting, we can help you choose the best program, as well as provide you with answers to all the questions regarding your career. 
Our specialists are professionals in their fields of work. They have graduated from the following programs:

  • Career Advising;
  • Student Learning and Development.