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  • Immigration through Express Entry
  • PR extension
  • Citizenship application
  • Sponsoring a spouse
  • Sponsoring a parent


Immigration through Express Entry


  • ECA (evaluation of your foreign diploma) – 1000$
You will be able to do this step without our help. All instructions are available on CIC website. There is a government fee of 300-400$CAD + posting and notary expenses. 
If you want our help with this, it will cost 1000$CAD (fees includes) + posting and notary expenses.
We can help you with your IELTS preparation so that you get the highest score possible. Our tutor is available for online classes (350-450$ for 10 hours).
  • Consultations on approving your foreign work experience (NOC) – 150$/hour
This step is important for students, who have just graduated from Canadian colleges and universities, before looking for a job, because not every job will be applicable for immigration purposes.
If you are not in Canada, you will need a list of documents that will prove your work experience. You can get a consultation and stop there, or you can buy our EE service and your consultation cost will count as a deposit for the bigger service.

Express Entry profile

Creating your profile on CIC – 1500$CAD for one applicant and up to 2500$CAD for a family.

There are no fees yet.

ITA (Invitation to apply)

If you have received an ITA, you will need to provide all documentation that supports your claims from the original profile. We will assemble a complete package of documents for you.

If required, we will also write a submission letter – a special legal letter, where we explain why this applicant should be approved for a particular immigration program, backing it up with the law and evidence.

Cost of our service – 3000$ for one applicant, 4500$ for a family.

Government fee – 1040$ for an adult, 150$ for a child.

Medical exam – 300-350$ per person.

Translation cost – 100-500$ (depends on the language of the original)

PR status extension

1500-3000$CAD depending on the complexity of your case.

Citizenship application

1500$CAD for each adult, if your case has no complications.

If there are complications, the cost can be up to 3000$CAD for each applicant.

Application to change name, surname, or to fix a mistake in your immigration documents


Sponsoring a spouse

6000$CAD (payment plan for 8 months is available)

When you apply you will also have to pay government fees and fees for the medical exam.

Sponsoring a parent

There are two steps tp sponsoring a parent, the second one is only possible if the first one was successful. There is no way to predict if the first step will be successful – it’s a lottery.

Step 1 – 500$CAD

Application to be in the pool for sponsorship (consultations of the chances of the sponsor included)

Step 2 – 6000$CAD

We collect and submit the required documents.

Payment plan available – initial 3000$ deposit, the remainder paid over the next 6 months.

Cost of our service does not include the medical exam and translations.