Of course everyone has heard that Canada is an amazing country that welcomes people who would like to visit or work here. But not everyone knows that you can visit this country and have a lot of fun even when it’s cold outside. This is exactly what our company offers – spend your winter break in Canada studying English! You can not only improve your language skills, but also enjoy studying abroad for several weeks (or even up to three months).

Winter Language Camp: All Inclusive

Answering your biggest question – the accommodations are great! You will be staying with a Canadian family in Toronto, Ontario, where you can get to experience their lifestyle. This type of accommodation allows you to make an informed decision, whether or not you want to eventually immigrate to Canada. It also helps to master the English language as it is used in conversation every day. Even if you don’t plan on moving to Canada, these kind of language skills will always come in handy. The program includes:

  • English language classes
  • Two meals per day
  • Sightseeing trips
  • Transfer to and from the airport

Our company will take care of your visa application, medical insurance, and will provide you with all the required supplies. All of that is included in our Winter in Canada package, and the price starts from $ 2410 CAD for 2 weeks.

There are two versions of this winter program: Standard and IELTS. Standard lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. IELTS is longer, 12 to 14 weeks and the minimum price is $6800 CDN for 12 weeks. The main difference between the two is that you will have an opportunity to write the language exam for free if you decide to purchase the IELTS program, because that is what you will be studying for.

Winter programs in Canada 2018: Quality Tourism

Besides learning the language, we will give you the opportunity to see another side of Toronto. This, of course, means having a great holiday! We should all get the most out of our cold winter breaks, enjoying every fun activity.

Earl Bales Park

Visiting Canada and not trying skiing might leave you feeling unfulfilled, that is why one of the biggest parks in Toronto opens its doors to people who are fans of snowboarding, from beginners to professionals. Try high-quality ski trails, rent the necessary snowboarding equipment and enjoy! This park is close to our school, and you are welcome to experience Canadian skiing after classes.

Zimnij Otdyh

Special for high school students

High school students will have the opportunity to visit different Canadian Universities for free. Guides will explain how the school system works, what is expected from students, what faculties/programs they can take in post-secondary institutions, and how fluent they should be in English in order to study and understand everything. Our specialists will ensure that you can successfully apply to Canadian colleges and universities and get a study permit, if that is what you decide to do.


Winter programs in Canada (Toronto) also include tours to the most popular attractions (included in the package price):

  • CN Tower;
  • Toronto Zoo;
  • Royal Museum;
  • Casa Loma;
  • Ontario Science Centre.

Any visitor is guaranteed to have a lot of fun. By purchasing the winter program, you will actually benefit more than if you were just a regular visitor – you will get to see the places listed above and at the same time you get the opportunity to study and learn English.

Niagara Falls

How can you come to Canada and not visit Niagara falls? Our company can’t let you miss this opportunity! Purchasing the program will guarantee you a tour with an experienced guide, who will ensure that you have the greatest time possible.

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